“The food was gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat” 


Magdalena McCurtney

"Wish you were enjoying your stay at the Priscapac Resort? Stari Gusar´s weekend Fish menu delivers a luxurious Dinner with a generous serving of Croatian charm.....“ 


Svetlana Dornikova

“Chef Imer offers a playful homage to the golden age Mediterranean cuisine” 


Tatjana B.

"This Dalmatian style Restaurant serves great steaks and has a large selection of wines by the glass. Excellent homemade Pancakes.“ 


Michael Huttner

“The luxurious setting, flawless service and the Sea-view makes this little restaurant a culinary hit” 


Christoph von Hollenbrink

“Stari Gusar's T-Bone Steak is impeccably authentic and almost shockingly flavorful; the Steak melts off your fork”  


Yu-Chan Ko